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Jewellery Appraisals

Jewellery Appraisals in Ottawa

Your jewellery collection likely contains some of your home's most treasured items. If any of those items were lost or stolen, you would be heartbroken. If your insurance company is unable to furnish you with equivalent replacements for the lost items, though, it'll only add to the heartbreak. To receive an equivalent replacement for lost or stolen jewellery, you'll need to furnish your insurance company with a current appraisal. 

How long ago did you buy your jewellery? Metal and stone values can fluctuate greatly over time -- and if you have a specific rider for your jewellery on your insurance policy, the insurance company will want to receive updated appraisals of all items periodically. 

Even if your current appraisals aren't outdated, you still may want a second opinion on the true value of your jewellery. It may not always be best to trust an appraisal implicitly if it comes from the shop that sold the item to you. After all, it is in the seller's best interest to make sure that you feel like you're getting a great deal. 

What does a jewellery appraisal include? 

For insurance purposes, jewellery appraisals should contain far more detail than simple text descriptions of the items appraised. An insurance appraisal should include an analysis of the item's precious metal content and a detailed description of each gemstone. The gemstone descriptions should include the colour, cut and dimensions of each stone -- along with details of any inclusions or flaws. 

Finally, jewellery appraisals should always contain clear photographs of the items appraised. If an appraised piece includes a diamond, a diagram clearly showing the locations of flaws or inclusions can also be helpful for replacement purposes. 

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