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Jewellery Cleaning

Most people take the time to wash their hands before a meal. A daily shower is normal for the average person. We all understand how the typical wear and tear of life can leave its mark on our bodies. What too many people forget is that it can leave a mark on their jewellery as well. That is why you should seek quality jewellery cleaning.

Jewellery Cleaning Services

Jewellery is worn as though it is a part of you. This means that it is exposed to the same things you are. It can be caught in the rain; it turns dirty doorknobs. Even simple exposure to human skin leaves oil and residue, which can build up over time. Cleaning your jewellery, therefore, keeps the grime from accumulating, leaving your pieces in exquisite condition. Regular jewellery cleaning service can make sure your gold gleams and your diamonds dazzle.
Cleaning can also be seen as a preventative measure. When your piece is cleaned, it is carefully examined by a trained gemologist. While buffing the metal and cleaning out the mount, it is easy for a gemologist to see if there is any significant damage starting to occur. Routine cleaning can catch loose settings before they become lost stones. Even if you clean your jewellery at home, professional cleaning is still recommended to preserve your pieces.

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To find the best service in Ottawa, you need to visit True Bijoux. True Bijoux is renowned for its excellent touch with fine jewels and metals. That is why you can trust us with even your most precious pieces. We recommend yearly jewellery cleaning for the best results. You may want service for pieces that you wear on a daily basis even more often. Visit our showroom on Sparks Street in Ottawa to learn more.

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