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Propose with a loaner ring

Redefine the rules of engagement and proposee with a loaner ring

And you thought to find the right one was challenging. How about finding the right ring? That's a real challenge! Not wanting to disappoint, it seems more natural to pick the ring together. But what happens when you want to surprise her? Enter True Bijoux's Proposal with a loaner ring. A beautiful sterling silver solitaire ring set with a stunning Cubic Zirconia complete with a True Bijoux proposal box. 

After the YES – it's time to celebrate! Enjoy The True Bijoux Experience!
You will be greeted at True Bijoux with a champagne toast, and our engagement ring specialists will show the both of you a collection of beautiful diamond rings in your budget so you can choose the perfect one.

Moreover, the price of the loner ring C$250 is credited toward your real diamond ring that you have both happily chosen.

Please feel free to call us at 613.232.2229 or email, and we will be happy to guide you step by step.

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