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Services and Restorations

Quality service is paramount to us. As repairs and restorations experts, we can handle any repair from fashion, sterling silver, gold, platinum or vintage/antique jewellery. Come in with any piece, and we will bring it back to looking great again. All repairs and restoratios are handled by master goldsmiths.

Ring Repairs


Ring sizing

It’s important that your ring fits perfectly and comfortably. True Bijoux Jewellers offers professional ring sizing in-store. We can resize rings made of the following materials: white, yellow or rose gold, platinum, palladium and sterling silver. Turnaround time is generally a week but if you can’t wait, we can accommodate rush sizings in many cases. If you are newly engaged, call us to make an appointment and we will try to have your ring ready the same day!



Over time the tiny prongs or tips that help secure a stone in its setting become worn or damaged. At True Bijoux we offer re-tipping or claw replacement services as well tightening of stones. All of these services are completed on site.

Stone Setting

Stone setting

At True Bijoux our expert stone setters are able to set diamonds or coloured stones in a variety of settings and stone shapes. Our team will determine how the stone came out of the setting and will advise you on how best to proceed.



Engraving a personal message, symbol or family crest is a lovely way to make a piece of jewellery extra special. At True Bijoux we offer both hand engraving and machine engraving both of these services are done on site.


A shank is how a jeweller refers to the back of your ring. Over many years of enjoying your ring it will eventually wear thin, especially on the lower part of the band. When this occurs, the integrity of the ring can be compromised, gemstones or diamonds may get loose in their settings and the ring may even break. Our goldsmith at True Bijoux can re-shank your gold, silver and platinum ring and return it to you like new for you to enjoy for many years

Watch repairs

Full Overhaul

Watch parts

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Crystal replacement

Watch crystal

The watch crystal is the clear cover which protects the dial and the inner workings of your watch. The mineral crystal, the sapphire crystal or the plastic crystal are most common in watches nowadays and you may choose to replace your crystal with the same type or upgrade to a sapphire crystal which is the hardest crystal available next to a diamond. Our professional watchmakers will be happy replace your cracked, scratched or chipped crystal and ensure that your watch remains sealed, protected and looking sharp.

Battery Replacement

Battery replacement

At True Bijoux, we don't waste time! We know your time is valuable and we can get your watch running again with a simple battery change while you wait. Watch batteries are guaranteed for 1 year from purchase.

Band adjustment and sizing


Watch band need adjustment? No problem, we can shorten your watch band, replace a pin or change your leather strap in minutes. Services start at $10

Fashion Jewellery

Stone replacement

Stone replacement
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