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Watch repairs

Watch Repair in Ottawa 

If you have a new or antique watch that needs some work, True Bijoux of Ottawa can help. Let our team of professional jewellers and watch repair technicians restore your timepiece to full functionality.

Watch Repair Services

We can fix watches that are running slow. There are several issues that can cause this, and we have the skills to identify the exact problem. If your watch was exposed to moisture and has damaged mechanisms, we can replace or repair them. Many people bring us watches with cracked bezels and faces. Our technicians can replace these as well as pins, and we can put a new band on your watch if your old one is in poor condition. Also, we can perform simple battery changes. Prying the back of a watch off can be a difficult task, and we have the appropriate tools to do this without damaging your timepiece.

Why Choose True Bijoux?

We treat your watch with the same care as our own timepieces. When there is a problem with your watch, it is important to take it to a qualified repair specialist. Trying to fix the issue without the proper tools or knowledge can result in costlier and worse damages. We stand behind our services and take every step necessary to remedy any complaints. Also, we are one of the few stores staffing goldsmiths and GIA gemologists. This qualifies us to restore damaged metal parts and replace lost diamonds or secure loose ones on a watch. 

Repair Your Watch Today

Our watch repair specialists invite you to come to see why we stand above the competition. We are located at 206 Sparks Street. Some smaller repairs may be completed while you wait if we do not have a heavy workload. However, we complete all watch repairs in a timely manner.

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